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by Katrina on October 18, 2011

Yoo hoo! I’m still here. Are you?

Somehow I talked myself into taking on a full time project, and it’s seriously eating into my writing time.

There are so many things I’ve been wanting to blog about…

  • Like this new HBO show about an executive who has a nervous breakdown. (Has anyone seen it?)
  • And this heartbreaking essay about parenting a terminally ill child, and how it puts perspective around all the stupid crap parents worry about.
  • Or how, despite being so busy, I’ve been inexplicably happy lately. (What’s that about?)
  • Or the informal food swap I started with a few friends, and why I think everyone should start one.
  • Or this Slate article and this blog post Eric sent me, which made me think about what “traditional family” means, and why so many people seem to want one. Do they yearn for a satisfying domestic life, or a break from toxic work culture, or something else?
  • Or this link Laura sent me about Penelope Trunk’s nervous breakdown after having a baby and taking no maternity leave, and how there are many different ways to tell the story about your life.
  • Oh, and Janine reached her Kickstarter goal. Woo hoo! Go finish that book about engaged fathers, Janine!

But I don’t have time to write about any of that now. Maybe you’d like to see the last two stories I wrote for the Huffington Post?

1. Do You Have a Hospital Fantasy?

Many of you saw the poll I did about this a while ago, about parents who fantasize about getting hospitalized as a way to get a break. The Huff Post comments were kind of interesting.

2. Stop Passing the Buck, Ladies

This essay is a response to some comments I’ve heard from several women executives. I was kind of angry when I wrote it. Basically, I think women in leadership roles have an obligation to help other women, and just generally make the workplace more humane.

I miss the conversation around here. What’s on your mind? Leave a comment!

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