My New Year’s Resolution

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by Katrina on January 8, 2015

Every New Year’s Eve, after the kids go to bed, Brian and I read to each other from our journals. We’ve been doing this for 13 years. It’s a way of reflecting on the past year, and thinking about what we want to do in the year ahead. (I know what you’re thinking. Your husband keeps a journal? Yup…he’s cool like that.)

Our annual ritual was cut short this year. We have teenagers now, and they go to bed late, (and we’re old, and we don’t want to stay up until midnight) but we read enough to see that 2014 was a really great year for us…

We took our first family vacation out of the country, to Costa Rica. The kids successfully transitioned schools (Ruby started middle school, Martha started high school). Brian really focused on his health this year; he lost so much weight that for a while he looked like he was playing dress-up with his dad’s clothes. Clown pants. Nothing fit, and by the end of the year he had to buy a new wardrobe.

I worked a lot in 2014, but somehow I managed to speak at 20 conferences and other events about Maxed Out. And I received my first royalty check. For a first-time author, this was huge. It means sales were strong enough to earn out my advance and it will be infinitely easier to get a publisher for the next book, (when I’m ready to write it).

We have so much to be thankful for. My only complaint is that it went by WAY TOO FAST. My life is exactly what I want it to be, and yet, I have this nagging feeling that I’m not doing it right. I should be enjoying it more. Savoring it. These are the salad days. I should be eating the salad.

I hear this complaint from other other women—but especially self-employed women—a lot. We love the autonomy, the freedom of being our own boss, and yet, we find ourselves moving too fast, pushing too hard, working too much, never slowing down.

So here’s my New Year’s resolution for 2015: Meditate 5 minutes a day.

That’s it. It’s simple, specific, and achievable—all qualities I admire in a New Year’s resolution. I can do more that 5 minutes of course, but the goal is to get at least 5 minutes, every single day, as a way of slowing down, and savoring what’s here.

And because I work in high-tech, I have found an app for that: Buddify. (Actually, my friend, Kat, found it and told me to download it. Thanks, Kat!)

What about you? Did you keep last year’s resolution? Do you have one for 2015?

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Laura Scholes

Awesome news, all of this! Congratulations on such an amazing year and on starting meditation. Checking out Buddhify now. : )


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