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by Katrina on January 20, 2015

* We’re giving away 5 copies of Christine Carter’s new book, The Sweet Spot. *
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the sweet spotWhen we don’t have the support we need from family, coworkers, and friends, (and policymakers), trying to work and raise kids can be impossible. But when we do have the support we need . . . it can still feel really hard.

That’s where Christine Carter’s new book—just released today!—comes in. What I love about The Sweet Spot is that it goes beyond the superficial self-help that seems to permeate women’s magazines, and focuses on research-based strategies that have been proven to help people live a happier life. Here’s the book description:

Learn how to achieve more by doing less! Live in that zone you’ve glimpsed but can’t seem to hold onto—the sweet spot where you have the greatest strength, but also the greatest ease.

Not long ago, Christine Carter, a happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and a speaker, writer, and mother, found herself exasperated by the busyness of modern life: too many conflicting obligations and not enough time, energy, or patience to get everything done. She tried all the standard techniques—prioritizing, multi-tasking, delegating, even napping—but none really worked. Determined to create a less stressful life for herself—without giving up her hard-won career success or happiness at home—she road-tested every research-based tactic that promised to bring more ease into her life. Drawing on her vast knowledge of the latest research related to happiness, productivity, and elite performance, she followed every strategy that promised to give her more energy—or that could make her more efficient, creative, or intelligent.

Her trials and errors are our reward. In The Sweet Spot, Carter shares the combination of practices that transformed her life from overwhelmed and exhausting to joyful, relaxed, and productive. From instituting daily “micro-habits” that save time to bigger picture shifts that convert stress into productive and creative energy, The Sweet Spot shows us how to:

  • say “no” strategically and when to say “yes” with abandon
  • make decisions about routine things once so that we can free our minds to focus on higher priorities
  • stop multitasking and gain efficiency
  • “take recess” in sync with the brain’s need for rest
  • use technology in ways that bolster—instead of sap—energy
  • increase our ratio of positive to negative emotions

Complete with practical “easiest thing” tips for instant relief, as well as stories from Carter’s own experience of putting The Sweet Spot into action, this timely and inspiring book will inoculate you against “The Overwhelm,” letting you in on the possibilities for joy and freedom that come when you stop trying to do everything right—and start doing the right things.

How to Enter

We have five free copies to give away. To enter to win, just leave a comment at the end of this post between now and February 1, 2015. Tell us one habit you’d like to change, or why you need the book, or what you ate for breakfast. Make sure you include an email address where I can reach you. (Your email will not be published, only I will see it.)

I will select five winners (using and contact you in early Feb. to find out where to send your prize.

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Jen Cammalleri

I need to increase my ratio of positive to negative emotions!



I’m a teacher, working at a school that actually respects my family time. I’m incredibly grateful for this as I’ve worked at schools where that has definitely NOT been the case. I can’t imagine working a corporate job and not having school holidays off to spend with my children.



I need to learn to say No, not only to others’ requests but to myself too. Overwhelm is more frequent than not for me. Thanks for the chance to get a copy of Christie’s book!


Lori Mihalich-Levin

I teach an e-course called Mindful Return ( for new moms returning to work after maternity leave, and I would love to share her strategies with the new mamas in my course!


Jade Longstaff

I had a grapefruit and scrambled eggs for breakfast : ) Really looking forward to reading this new book!


Christine Smiley

I’d like to change my habit of hitting the snooze alarm. I just finished reading Maxed Out this past weekend and the message really resonated with me. This additional book on the topic sounds very useful.



I am reading my way to the “Sweet Spot” but haven’t quite arrived. Thanks for being one of the truthtellers!


Becky Porspakka

I need to stop checking my personal AND work phone every 10 seconds!



Oh goodness, if I could learn a good way to say “no” without the crushing guilt, that would be amazing!



I’m exhausted and frustrated with a corporate job that’s killing me with too many demands for a mother of two. I frequently have days where I don’t see my children because I leave before they wake and get home after they go to bed. The answer is somewhere between finding a different job and winning the lottery and hopefully this book can help me in the meantime.



Of course we want it all, but that dreams collides with reality like a ten-ton truck, leaving us working moms run over, yet still comparing ourselves to that other mom who seems to be pulling it off. If this book offers a reality check and actionable advice on how to not go down with the June Cleaver meets Leona Helmsley ship, I’d love to read it! Count me in!



On days when I did not see my kids for the reasons you cite, I truly wondered what the HELL I was doing, knowing the only thing that truly matters in life is love. And business travel killed me. But bread on the table is essential too. Hope you’ve found a better balance by now. I did, but I had to quit my job to get it. But once you make that decision, it is empowering and I was allowed to work a reduced schedule for months until my replacement –who I trained–too over. Sometimes we do not realize the power/value we have until we realize we can just chuck it all and tell our boss we are willing to do that. Just as in her book Stella did not throw better options at Katrina until she was past the point of being able to catch them, sometimes you just keep giving it your all until you have nothing left to give. Don’t let that happen, quit while you have some energy left to enjoy every day of your precious life, including the transition period to something better. Good luck.



I need to let go of “mom-guilt!”



For breakfast today, I ate the leftover crusts that I had to cut off of my kids’ sandwiches. Didn’t want to throw them out. Was in too much of a hurry to eat anything else.



I’d like to not resent my kids when they wake up from nap and I still need to get work done.



I need this book because it’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m up googling how to do everything as a working mom.



Love this, I can so relate.


Christine Garofoli

I’m psyched to read this book, thanks for bringing our attention to it, Katrina. I would like to stop feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list. Hoping to glean some tips from Christine’s book.


Anna Boswell

I just finished reading Maxed Out. I need another book to start.



i have a 12 week old and i am transitioning back to working full time. I feel very overwhelmed and I am working on forigiving myself, finding balance, and being the best mother and wife that I can be. I know that i do not need this book to be a good mom, but accessing any bit of tool or piece of encouragement is much appreciated! Thank you!



I’m about to enter the world of full-time work & motherhood, despite a lot of pressure to abandon my career to focus solely on motherhood once the baby arrives. I know I am strong enough to do both, and that both myself and my child will reap the rewards. However, I would love some advice/insight on finding proper balance.



Sounds like the perfect book for me. I feel like I’ve had the same experiences with all the standard techniques, which in the end are more exhausting than the problem itself.


Pamela Hendricks Tornabene

Being a career woman and the mom of a one year old is TOUGH! I Feel like I’m devoting my all to both but im sure it’s just a matter of time before that fails… Until then, kicking butt but running on fumes!



I want to stop feeling guilty when I say “no.”
Oh, and because you asked, I had a spinach and fruit smoothie for breakfast…liquid nutrition that I can consume in route to the preschool and then on to work to continue in my multitasking….



I need to know that it’s possible to enjoy work and LOVE having a 2 year old – not slightly resent both!



I ate a cup of chicken corn chowder for breakfast at work this morning. I have 4 kids, a husband (who seems to have forgotten the girl he fell for is still here) and I work 40 to 50 hours a week. I am exhausted. I feel guilty when I get everyone home for the evening and all I want to do is put them to bed so I can relax. Then I see the non-working Moms posts about making crafts and reading stories and organizing closets and I feel subpar. I need help. I need moms who get it. content://media/external/file/36752for the eevenin



As a full time member of managment for a huge hospital division, a mom of 2, a wife, and a student I would love all of the advice I could get. This book intrigues me!


Cealy Fellman

I need to find a way to handle my full time job, my 3 kids, my part time consulting work, my household with only 8 hrs to myself a week. Answers please!!!!


Mandy Good

Maxed out has helped me, and I want to keep the momentum going!



I need to figure out how I can enter into the legal profession in 2 years while still being the mom I want to be.



Trying to be more present at work when I feel torn, so I can get through the day, accomplish what I need to, and get home to be with the people I love.



I’m about to be a mom for the first time, and I’m our family’s primary earner. I’ve always been focused 100% on my career. I am thrilled to be starting a family, but I’m an all-or-nothing personality. I need some serious help learning how to balance work and this amazing new adventure we’re about to embark upon!



I am a working mother of 2 young boys under 4 and lately I have been having so much fun time figuring out time for exercise, time to prep food, playing with kids etc. I have not read this book but I feel I have found my sweet zen spot. I know this post is a year old but If anyone of you would love to discuss more about finding balance please feel free to drop be a line or email me at planwithsneha(attherate)gmail(dot)com to talk more. I would love to bounce ideas back and forth and help out your concerns.



Habit I need to break: stressing over the little things I’m not doing… while sitting on the couch not doing the little things. Oof.


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