We have three winners!

by Katrina on October 2, 2013

Thanks everyone who participated in the audiobook giveaway. I learned from your comments that most of you would listen to the audiobook while commuting or doing chores (good use of multitasking!), and that you have many creative alternatives for the word “pajamas” which include “PJs,” “jammies,” “jimmie jams,” “pa-joo-mies,” and the less common but delightfully […]


Win a free tagline or bio!

by Katrina on December 7, 2011

For those of you who run your own small business (or want to start one..?), check out this holiday giveaway by my friend Laura Scholes. Laura is a many wonderful things, including a “solopreneur” who runs her own small business called StoryHouse Creative, a talented copywriter, a speed walker, and a working mom based in […]