Exquisite Insanity: Moms Who Write

by Katrina on August 4, 2015

I spoke on a panel a few weeks ago at the Bay Area Book Festival. The panel was moderated by local literary icon, Michelle Tea. (If you need an escape, her latest book, “How to Grow Up” will make you laugh out loud.) The authors on the panel represented a range of genres (from children’s books to literary fiction to non-fiction) but we […]


The talk I gave at TEDx Monterey in April is now available online! “Maxed Out: Changing the Conversation About Women and Work.” If you like it, please share it.


Maxed Out & advice for creatives @ SXSW 2014

by Katrina on March 13, 2014

I haven’t had time to do much writing lately, but I am doing a whole lot of TALKING… Below is the presentation I gave at the South by SouthWest conference (SXSW) this morning. I share my “maxed out” story, and then focused the talk on specific things high-tech and creative professionals can do to make […]


MAXED OUT in New York Times Motherlode

by Katrina on November 5, 2013

I’m thrilled and honored that my book is getting some New York Times love. Read it here: “Being A Working Mother Means Always Having to Say You’re Sorry.” There’s an interesting back story to this story. Two months ago, K.J. Dell’Antonia from the New York Times parenting blog, Motherlode, interviewed me by phone. She’d just finished reading an advance copy […]


What I’ve Been Up to Lately

by Katrina on October 30, 2013

Years ago I caught part of an interview Josh Kornbluth did with Barbara Boxer on a local PBS show. Kornbluth (a Bay Area writer) was asking the congresswoman how she finds the will to keep going when people are always looking for opportunities to put down women like her, women in power. Boxer said something […]


The lesson of Marissa Mayer

by Katrina on March 1, 2013

Cross-posted on The Huffington Post A whole lot of people are disappointed in Marissa Mayer. We pinned our hopes on her, ever so briefly last summer, when she was hired as the new CEO of Yahoo! while pregnant with her first child. Maybe she would show the world that you could be a devoted parent […]


My big news

by Katrina on February 11, 2013

I’ve been keeping something from you: I’m writing a book. I’ve been working on it, on and off, for more than three years. Frankly, it’s been lonely. I’ve wanted to talk about it on the blog—in fact, it seemed dishonest not to talk about it, since it’s related to all the things I write about […]


Check out my new radio interview!

Post image for Check out my new radio interview!

by Katrina on October 10, 2012

The lovely brains from Lady Brain asked me back on the show to talk about a recent HuffPo story I wrote: My Advice to Women Who Give Advice to Women. In the interview I talk about why I think women should stop telling other women what they’re doing wrong, and save the advice for their […]

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The pregnant CEO

by Katrina on July 19, 2012

By now you’ve heard that the new CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, also happens to be six months pregnant with her first child. I’ve been torn between two reactions: 1. Dang! That is so cool! 2. She’s only taking “a few weeks” maternity leave? OK, I will try to suspend my disbelief. Maybe that will […]


The Atlantic magazine story

Post image for The Atlantic magazine story

by Katrina on June 22, 2012

I’m blown away by this essay: “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Finally, someone is saying what’s true. The author, Anne-Marie Slaughter, was a high-powered working mom in Washington who stepped off her career fast track to be with her teenage children. Then she wrote an essay, which was published in The Atlantic, saying […]