The question is…Are they editor enough?

by Katrina on May 17, 2012

By now you’ve probably seen this TIME Magazine cover of the woman breastfeeding a child who looks about four (turns out he’s 3). It’s caused quite a sensation, in part because half this country thinks breastfeeding is disgusting (especially when the child is old enough to request seconds) and the other half thinks the first […]


Boobie beanies!

Post image for Boobie beanies!

by Katrina on September 8, 2011

When my daughter, Ruby, was an infant, a friend bought me a T-shirt that said “Ruby’s Cafe,” which I proudly wore when I nursed her. My breastfeeding days are over, but I recently stumbled across these “boobie beanies”  on Etsy. I have to say, I vastly prefer this in-your-face approach to breastfeeding fashion to the […]


I’m pleased to announce Working Moms Break has its first foreign correspondent! Also known as my friend, former coworker, and fellow working mom, Lucie Moses. Years ago, while I was quietly descending into full-time job madness, Lucie seemed to have arranged the perfect life as a part-time freelance designer. Now I have that part-time freelance […]


I recently wrote a series about barriers to pumping at work, which reappeared, in shorter form, on the Huffington Post. Given the comments and emails I’ve received from distressed, exhausted, and humiliated moms who read the story, ignorance in alive and well in the workplace. Even HR managers have trouble understanding how or why they […]


This sucks (Part III.)

by Katrina on June 24, 2010

This is the third of a three-part series of posts about working moms and breastfeeding. Be sure to read Part I. and Part II. first. After a thorough review of the office landscape, Jackie mentioned to her boss that there was no convenient place to pump. She suggested the most reasonable solution she could think […]


This sucks (Part II.)

by Katrina on June 23, 2010

This is the second of a series of posts about working moms and breastfeeding. If you have not read Part I., start here. My friend, Jackie* has worked for almost a decade for a large, well-respected non-profit in the Denver area. As you read her story, please keep in mind that she works in a […]


This sucks (Part I.)

by Katrina on June 21, 2010

This is the first of a series of posts about working moms and breastfeeding. I went back to work when my son was four months old and still living exclusively on a diet of breast milk. So approximately every three hours I dropped what I was doing and ducked into Conference Room B. All four […]