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Solicited Advice

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by Katrina on October 7, 2014

You guys! I need your help. Can you answer one question to help to me prepare for a conference I’m speaking at next week? Here’s the question: What is the single best piece of advice you’ve received on balancing work and family? Please leave your answer in the comments below. (Or you can tweet it […]


My Boss

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by Katrina on July 31, 2014

Like most people of my Generation (GenX), I’ve had a lot of different jobs. In high school I worked as a babysitter, a housecleaner, and a box office ticket taker for a local theater. In college I waitressed at Denny’s to earn tuition money. When I spent a year abroad, I earned my keep as an […]


Cross-posted on The Huffington Post Imagine a job where you could work when and how you please. Where you could decide, on a daily basis, whether to show up at meetings or show up at the office at all? A job with unlimited sick time and vacation time? Where you could leave work at 3 […]