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Solicited Advice

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by Katrina on October 7, 2014

You guys! I need your help. Can you answer one question to help to me prepare for a conference I’m speaking at next week? Here’s the question: What is the single best piece of advice you’ve received on balancing work and family? Please leave your answer in the comments below. (Or you can tweet it […]


I’ve written before about why I believe results-only work environments (ROWE) have the potential to transform the workplace for the better, not just for moms and dads, but for anyone who wants to be great at their job and still have a life. Now I’m excited to announce that the folks at ROWE have a new […]


Survey: Well-being & Your Work

by Katrina on December 19, 2013

—Update 1/21/14 The survey is now closed. Check back in the next week or two when I hope to share the results here.— In the last few months, I’ve given dozens of interviews with print, radio, and TV reporters about Maxed Out. These are some of the recurring questions I hear: Are some  jobs more family-friendly than […]


I get a lot of emails from women who are frustrated with their husbands. These emails are almost always prefaced with a disclaimer about how great their husbands are. Then they go on to say all the ways their husbands let them down. We are living a cultural double standard, and it’s a recipe for frustration. […]


The lesson of Marissa Mayer

by Katrina on March 1, 2013

Cross-posted on The Huffington Post A whole lot of people are disappointed in Marissa Mayer. We pinned our hopes on her, ever so briefly last summer, when she was hired as the new CEO of Yahoo! while pregnant with her first child. Maybe she would show the world that you could be a devoted parent […]