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Below are some of the places I or my writing have been featured recently.

  • “Why Women Helping Women Is Essential to Workplace Flexibility” | August 2013 | The Huffington Post
    I was interviewed by Stacey Delo in her piece about women starting their own companies, and helping other women to balance careers and motherhood.
  • “Lean In or Lean Out: America’s Pregnant Workers Decide” | July 31, 2013 | CBS New York
  • “Ridiculously Long Men’s Room Lines at Tech Conferences”  | June 2013 |  The Atlantic
    This photo essay included a quote from one of my blog posts, along with my photo from the TED conference in Long Beach where women were sadly underrepresented, as evidenced by the ridiculously short women’s room line.
  • “What a Mother Needs Most Is Time” | May 2013 | The Atlantic
    Writer Nanette Fondas interviewed me about the health effects on moms who are chronically “rushed and tired” for this Mother’s Day story.
  • “Working From Home Saves Me Thousands” | Mar. 2013 | CNN Money
    After the Marissa Mayer ban on telecommuting at Yahoo!, I was interviewed about my experience working from home—specifically how much money it saved me—for the CNNMoney column. I’d never really thought about the cost savings until I spoke with the reporter, but you know what? It’s true. Working from home has saved me thousands.
  • “Working Moms Need More Than Subsidized Breast Pumps” | Feb. 2013 | Business Week
    I was interviewed in this story by Jessica Grose about the problems with pumping at work.
  • The Lady Brain Show | October 2012
    Interview with hosts Steph and Lauren about a story I wrote for The Huffington Post: “My Advice for Women Who Give Advice to Women.” Show aired on Comcast TV channel 104, and radio (KNEW 960 San Francisco, KWSS, KSTE (Phoenix))
  • “We Are Women. Hear Us Roar. Again.” | May 2012 | Diablo Magazine
    I was interviewed in this story about the next wave of feminism, the intersection of motherhood and work, and how “women are finding a middle way that may be a path to the future.”
  • The Second Shift | 2012 edition
    I’m really, really honored to be included in the 2012 updated version of Arlie Hochschild’s bestselling book about the stalled gender revolution, which was first published in 1989. The new Afterword quotes, for three paragraphs, a Huffington Post piece I wrote in 2010 called “If You Give a Mouse a Prozac.”
  • “How to Talk to Your Younger Child About Sex” | February 2012 |
    The title says it all. Laura Scholes interviewed me about the time my young daughter caught me by surprise with questions about sex.
  • Panel on Custom Fit Workplaces | July 2011 | Berkeley Startup Cluster
    Joan Blades, co-founder of MoveOn and MomsRising asked me to join her for a panel discussion about what is broken about the modern workplace, and how we can fix it.
  • The Wall Street Journal | The Juggle | Jan. 2011
    Occasionally I get a little Wall Street Journal “bump” when the editors link to something I wrote about, like this “hat-tip” and this one.
  • Listen To Your Mother reading | Aug. 2011 | BlogHer conference, San Diego, CA
    I read this piece for the Open Mic Salon. You can see a picture of me looking possessed as I read from the podium here.
  • “It’s Time to Talk to Employers About Domestic Workers’ Rights” | Apr. 2011 | Colorlines
    Reporter Akiba Solomon interviewed me about the impact a new law to protect domestic workers might have on working parents who employ them.
  • Ladybrain | Apr. 2010 | KUSF 90.3 FM San Francisco
    We talked about why it can feel impossible to “do it all” as a working parent. The full interview is available here.
  • “Your Time with Kim Iverson” | Mar. 2010 | radio interview
    Interview with syndicated talk show that airs in 10 cities about my “decision” to quit working. (Was it really a decision?) Full interview available here.