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Book Giveaway: “Wishful Thinking”

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by Katrina on April 27, 2015

* We’re giving away 2 copies of Kamy Wicoff’s new book, “Wishful Thinking.” * * Enter to win by leaving a comment at the end of this blog post. * Six years ago, I left my full-time job because work stress and chronic busyness combined with the exhaustion that comes with raising very young children was making me sick. Then […]


My New Year’s Resolution

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by Katrina on January 8, 2015

Every New Year’s Eve, after the kids go to bed, Brian and I read to each other from our journals. We’ve been doing this for 13 years. It’s a way of reflecting on the past year, and thinking about what we want to do in the year ahead. (I know what you’re thinking. Your husband keeps a journal? Yup…he’s […]

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Making Work Work: Sliced Bread Design

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by Katrina on June 23, 2014

About six years ago, while I was busy “maxing out” at my full-time job in San Francisco, a friend of mine started freelancing for a company that sounded like a working mom nirvana. It was a small web design firm in Silicon Valley called Sliced Bread. The owners (Julie Stanford and Ellen Siminoff) were good […]


The talk I gave at TEDx Monterey in April is now available online! “Maxed Out: Changing the Conversation About Women and Work.” If you like it, please share it.


I’ve written before about why I believe results-only work environments (ROWE) have the potential to transform the workplace for the better, not just for moms and dads, but for anyone who wants to be great at their job and still have a life. Now I’m excited to announce that the folks at ROWE have a new […]


MAXED OUT in New York Times Motherlode

by Katrina on November 5, 2013

I’m thrilled and honored that my book is getting some New York Times love. Read it here: “Being A Working Mother Means Always Having to Say You’re Sorry.” There’s an interesting back story to this story. Two months ago, K.J. Dell’Antonia from the New York Times parenting blog, Motherlode, interviewed me by phone. She’d just finished reading an advance copy […]


What I’ve Been Up to Lately

by Katrina on October 30, 2013

Years ago I caught part of an interview Josh Kornbluth did with Barbara Boxer on a local PBS show. Kornbluth (a Bay Area writer) was asking the congresswoman how she finds the will to keep going when people are always looking for opportunities to put down women like her, women in power. Boxer said something […]


Do You Let Him Clip the Nails?

by Katrina on October 24, 2013

A few years ago, I put together a survey called “Who Clips the Nails?” I wanted to find out how parents in two-parent households divide up childcare tasks. At the time, the media was reporting that men were doing more chores and childcare, and that the “gender wars” were over. But I was skeptical. After […]


Cross-posted from The Huffington Post. I write a lot about unhappiness. Specifically, the unhappiness that affects millions of overworked, under-appreciated moms and dads who live in the country that has the most hostile conditions for working parents in the developed world. (Can you guess which country that is? Rhymes with “God Bless.”) But today, I […]


We have three winners!

by Katrina on October 2, 2013

Thanks everyone who participated in the audiobook giveaway. I learned from your comments that most of you would listen to the audiobook while commuting or doing chores (good use of multitasking!), and that you have many creative alternatives for the word “pajamas” which include “PJs,” “jammies,” “jimmie jams,” “pa-joo-mies,” and the less common but delightfully […]